Hi everyone, today we are going to explain a few things about the TRX such as what the TRX is and what kind of TRX training in Tel Aviv we offer. Also, we will relate to TRX group workouts. So, let's get started.

TRX Training in TEL AVIV

? What is TRX

TRX are actually straps which enable you to have a total workout on your body muscles. It fits everyone, either a beginner or an advanced trainer. The TRX was brought to Israel 5 years ago. However, it was originally born and raised in the U.S specifically in the Navy Seals. The main idea that stands behind the TRX is to have a workout against your total body weight. In addition, You can do the workout everywhere and anywhere you like

Our trx training in Tel Aviv

We offer you group outdoor sessions TRX in TEL AVIV in the Yarkon Park with an amazing view and great energies. Each group has between 4 to 8 trainers (either men or women) while each of them has a TRX, a fitness carpet and a ball. Each session lasts 60 minutes so it's really a lot of time to have a thorough body workout. Needless to say, each of our TRX personal trainers has a several years of experience, so you are definitely in good hands.

? How our TRX workout looks like

We have attached a very nice photo to illustrate our TRX training. However, if you would like to know more details you can find them here. A single TRX session takes exactly 1 hour, the maximum number of trainees is 8, the training takes place in Hayarkon Park in Tel-Aviv, each session includes a total body workout : legs and hands TRX workout, aerobics and also an abs TRX session which lasts 15 minutes.

? How much does a TRX session cost

Each session costs between 50-60 NIS. We recommend you to try a single TRX training, so you could see if it fits you. Also, if you are interested in getting a discount, you can pay for 10 sessions in advance.

Wishing you all the best!

GO X team trx Trainings in TEL AVIV